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Waterfield Digital

Strategic Foresight

Strategic foresight is a structured way of optimising ideas about the future to anticipate and navigate your steps through informed decision-making. It is all about exploring plausible futures, and the opportunities or challenges they could bring in. We can use those insights to make better decisions today and act for tomorrow.

Our strategic foresight offers a structured and integrated approach to unlocking opportunities with a deeper understanding across the brand lifecycle. Our future-oriented research helps us observe, analyse and act on emerging trends to drive a change that matters. We combine the best practices in businesses through a practical view to help businesses achieve their short-term and long-term goals.

  • Discovery Workshop
  • Data Insights & Assessment
  • Future Envisioning
  • Business Opportunities
  • Brand Strategy
  • Communication Strategy
  • Brand Extended Identity

Design Futures

Futures thinking helps us with tools and methods that refine our ways of seeing and offer a newer perspective to shape the world. We view people, products, and organizations as a constantly changing phenomenon. Rather than treating them as isolated individual elements, we view them as interconnected to a bigger system that influences each other.

This development of an interconnected system of products is conceived through a unified customer experience to add an introspective edge in comprehensively observing the world. At Leaf, we thrive at creating seamless user interactions by collaborating with emerging technologies and practices. We partner with our stakeholders to broaden our vision for their futures while inspiring them to unveil promising opportunities.

  • Market & Trend Analysis
  • Customer Research & Insights
  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Digital Product Design
  • User-Centred Transformation
  • Engagement Strategy

Digital Enablement

Digital enablement involves managing the communication, strategy and upskilling required to ensure that a business delivers value across its digital platforms. As more and more organisations reach a global arena, an innovative and intrinsic digital enablement strategy can help blend the operational processes, best practices and brand governance. Without a relevant enablement strategy, digital transformation is incomplete. It is important for organisations to use technology to improvise their performance, deliverables and consumer engagement.

At Leaf, We navigate solutions through a humanistic technology-focused lens for next-generation services and business experiences. We identify and normalise recurring interface and component patterns and their parameters. Effective digital enablement can lead to elevated excellence, empowerment of teams and help achieve the agility to scale your businesses.

  • Digital-first approach
  • Data Analysis Framework
  • Digital Product Development
  • Testing & Optimisation
  • Digital Assets Management
  • Activation Strategy

Governance by Design

Brand governance ensures that the brand is conceived, understood, and recognised for its ethos with clarity. It includes all the efforts made by an organisation to present a brand through clear and crisp communication through guidelines and workflows that ensure their desired identity with a far-sighted view. Brand governance ensures consistency and reliability towards your brand, adding more credibility.

Evolving brand governance is a complex and multi-faceted task. In order to maintain a strong identity and constantly evolving relationships with teams and clients, the systems must be flexible and responsive to deliver value at speed for customers and business. We bring in new change and align it succinctly with your systems. By creating a channel for analysing, assessing work and improving it further, we collaborate and navigate new opportunities to grow and evolve. Our approach studies new benchmarks for the brand to lead the market that puts the growing value of your business and future customers at the core of every decision. This helps you become an agile and purpose-driven organisation.

  • Brand Adaptation
  • User Engagement Channels
  • Continuous Brand Assessment
  • Service Design Modules
  • Change Management Framework
  • Growth Opportunities