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Leaf Design

At Leaf, we make space for a self-driven approach and believe in taking ownership of the projects from start to end to create meaningful outcomes that drive change. We value clarity to produce actionable solutions driven by discovery workshops, strategic discussions and collaborative thinking. These ideals align with a meticulous and integrated approach to the core of work, problem-solving.

We encourage our team to be brave and explore new ideas and perspectives to create impactful work that delivers results.

Creating the next leaders

Together we solve
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Culture fosters innovation
Culture fosters innovation
Culture fosters innovation
Culture fosters innovation

Reimagine the old, make way for the new

Beyond the ‘Now'

Design challenges are often complex, dynamic, and continuously evolving. In such contexts, it's crucial to adopt a long-term perspective. By leveraging the principles of futures thinking, solutions can be made adaptable and resilient to the fast-paced world. The key is to remain optimistic and purposeful while testing ideas as early as possible to plan for what's ahead.

Navigating Boundless Change

Short-term goals and quarterly milestones will not have a long-term impact. It occurs when you allow yourself and others unrestricted access to find answers outside the box. By allowing, you will make room for changemaking endeavours that emerge from exploration and experimentation.

Unconventional Paths, Unconventional Ideas

True innovation occurs when people with diverse perspectives collaborate to brainstorm, connect, and communicate towards a common goal. This enables a stimulating environment that inspires unconventional ideas, radical approaches, and novel perspectives across divergent paths that would otherwise be unattainable.

Good for all

To create lasting innovation, we must balance practical solutions with values of inclusivity and sustainability. By centering humanity, we can achieve ambitious results that have a positive impact on society.

Job opportunities

Be a part of our team and
make a real difference

A pragmatic strategist, thinker, and analyst with a knack for analysing business practices, goals, and workflows to put together directional strategies for the mutual growth of the company and its clients.

As a Strategy Consultant, you get the opportunity to explore a diverse range of financial and operational models to define structured approaches that facilitate the breaking down of complex business problems and barriers. You can polish your design thinking by taking up a hands-on approach while dealing with hurdles.

With a strive to manage project teams and lead them with utmost diligence, you can influence, and drive the business performance within the associated workflow. Besides, you get to work with a myriad of clients to be a part of a varied range of business strategies and observe their insights closely.

What you bring ––

  • Understanding of marketing trends and their behaviour
  • Managing, leading, and influencing the team for better performance
  • Presenting design strategies to the client with ease
  • Approaching problems with an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Ability to realise the maximum potential of the project
  • Navigating through the probable hurdles with a hands-on approach
  • Analysing growth-oriented business ideologies
  • Passion for directing fast-paced conceptualizations in the digital fraternity

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A thoughtful leader, guide, and initiator passionate about articulating meaningful solutions with innovative design strategies while invoking a sense of ownership within the associated team.

As a Design Project Lead you will get a chance to relish the multiple layers of managing the design, development, and execution of the project. By channelising your design ideation strengths, you will imbibe the concept of idea generation in the team to promote powerful leadership aligned with user-oriented objectives.

With a sense of belonging to your craft and evolving fast-paced ideations, you will get to work with clients that honour your methodologies. You get to take your leadership qualities a notch higher and infuse motivation within the team members to pave way for outcomes that are aligned with the aspects of design psychology and consumer feedback.

What you bring ––

  • Art of conveying ideologies effectively
  • Leadership qualities that motivate your team
  • Knowledge of the relevant tools and softwares
  • Ability to express and execute the proposed vision
  • Working with an optimistic approach
  • Curating creative directions for the team to understand
  • Exceptional time management skills
  • Strive to adapt to the growing work culture

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A creative thinker inclined towards inculcating the aspect of provocative storytelling in his/her initiatives to curate and design the envisioned products and services.

As a Digital Product Designer, you will work with the team members in mutual coordination to present unique and innovative ideologies in formulating strategic approaches that cater to an efficient user experience. You will collaborate on product, marketing, and technology to craft solutions that cater to the mutual growth of the stakeholders involved and tackle problems to create wonders.

With the passion to design intuitively and the drive to infuse a sense of thought leadership, you will work with clients to understand their perspectives and convey your design ideas. Your strive to incorporate future-centricity in your approaches, and taking up challenges will be of great value to those involved in visualising a better and broader spectrum of possibilities.

What you bring –-

  • Art of communicating efficiently
  • Assurance of meeting the allocated timelines
  • A go-getter attitude that makes complex tasks seem intriguing
  • Skills pertaining to the relevant tools and softwares
  • Formulate strategic approaches to curate efficient user experience
  • A knack for delving into the current design trends
  • Stellar presentation skills to convey thought processes and ideas
  • Ability to encourage a sense of belonging within the team

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A responsible manager, and organiser with expertise in monitoring, managing and controlling myriad workflows in a business program.

As a Business Manager, you get the chance to formulate the growth of business strategies and generate viable targets to carry out various business deals. Additionally, you will derive fruitful insights and learnings to achieve better business agendas.

With the ingenuity to put together functional ideations and methodologies to approach the envisioned business targets, you will get to experience a structured workflow that aims to improve business management and related processes.

What you bring ––

  • Expertise in business, financing, and marketing
  • Ability to connect with the team and curate fresh perspectives
  • Infuse level-headedness and professionalism in the approach
  • Passion for articulating high-impact business campaigns
  • An eye for detail to review performances efficiently
  • Ability to take quick decisions in challenging scenarios

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A creative, imaginative, and visionary individual striving to inculcate provocative storytelling in every approach to curate, edit and proofread immaculate content ideas across all platforms.

As a Copywriter, you get the opportunity to expand your creative horizons and work on a plethora of intriguing projects. Besides this, in association with the team, you will brainstorm ideas, develop concepts, and articulate relevant content.

With a knack for creating powerful impacts with words, you will get to motivate readers and influence minds through the aspect of storytelling. You will also get to infuse your off-beat ideas to articulate content that is strategy-oriented and mind-boggling.

What you bring ––

  • An immaculate balance of creativity and storytelling in the approach
  • Strive to invoke a sense of relativity with every sort of audience
  • Infusing confidence and zeal in the work environment
  • Promoting consistency through the multiple layers of effective copywriting
  • Adopting a passion for all things quirky
  • Possessing a knack for words and creative expressions

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Student experience

Real people. Real
stories. Look what
our grads have to say

“I learnt so much more in my internship at leaf design than I did in my entire school year. The team did not teach me anything directly, rather, they helped me teach myself.”

Jayavarshaa Veerasekaran
Summer Internship Programme

Culture fosters innovation

“I have loved how much this internship challenged me, and pushed me far out of my comfort zone.”

Mahima Jaju
Graduate Internship Programme

Culture fosters innovation

“Interning at leaf was one of the defining moments of my career journey - they motivate you to bring out your best, which is almost all you need when you’re starting out.”

Tejasswin M
Graduate Internship Programme

Culture fosters innovation

“Most of days were full of delicious food, good playlists, intellectual conversations and refreshing coffee breaks.”

Aishwarya Kulkarni
Summer Internship Programme

Culture fosters innovation

“I found myself transitioning from constantly questioning myself to seeing questions as an essential tool in the creative process.”

Nikhil Kapoor
Graduate Internship Programme

Culture fosters innovation

Learning the leaf

Stay Curious, Stay Relevant

A curious mind is a powerful tool that unlocks endless possibilities for learning, growth, and new discoveries. By nurturing our natural sense of wonder, we open ourselves up to a world of knowledge and inspiration that fuels our actions and drives us forward.

The Learning Loop

Perfection is unattainable, and failure is inevitable. To achieve growth and innovation, we must embrace the concept of 'failing fast' and create an environment where taking risks is encouraged. Celebrating both victories and mistakes can foster a culture of continuous improvement.

The Pilot Within

Taking ownership of your ideas is a bumpy ride. However, it also implies pushing yourself and focusing on deliberate efforts that yield creative solutions. It's all about the momentum you build and how you navigate through the chaos as the pilot of your ideas.

Elevate and Iterate

Going the extra mile by bringing new ideas and a fresh perspective can drive innovation and inspire growth. Embracing the journey with curiosity and a willingness to learn can make work more engaging and enjoyable. So, don't be afraid to think outside the box and add something special to what's expected - in other words, bring the chocolates!

We are agile changemakers inspired to bring transformative ideas to life. Sound like you?

Internship Programme

Our internship program is a critical talent pursuit for Leaf. We continue to invest in providing our interns with the opportunity to contribute and collaborate, build valuable industry connections and learn multi-disciplinary skills.

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Graduation Project

To anticipate future experiences, we need to know how to practice harmoniously, designing the right thing in the right way. The capstone projects provide the students with a competitive edge helping them further refine their capabilities.

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